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guillaume marq
interactive designer

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Guillaume MARQ
Interactive designer

I'm working on the design of products, services or brand
to ensure innovative interactions & efficient communications.

And I’m now looking for a 6-months internship

guillaume marq

Hello !

"My name is Guillaume MARQ and I am 21 years old. I am an Internet/Web designer from Paris and I am used to working with developers and marketers. I specialize in UX and product design where I enjoy having a global view on projects. Everyday, I stay up to date on new digital concepts (design / marketing / startup) through a curious and careful technologic watch. In « real life » I am interested in a lot of things, therefore I am always open to new ideas and challenges. I love playing music, composing songs or writing texts. When I go out, I often take my camera to film and to take pictures even if I should admit to have no precise idea to do with… It’s just for the sake of it.
I now am looking for an internship this summer from June to December in UX and product design. Please take time to have a look at my approach and my work selection and feel free to contact me if interested.”

“Style only matters at the service of substance”

« Understand »

In order to design, one needs to understand. Before any phase of design, I pay particular attention to the understanding of the brand, product, or service. What is its positioning? In which environment does it operate? What are its targets and competitors? What objectives are going to shape my design approach? My goal is to immerse myself in the values of the brand, product, or service in order to design a fitted, judicious, and efficient digital object.

« Imagine »

Every day, inspiration drives my creativity. It allows me to design creative approaches, bring ideas, and establish similarities with situations I have already encountered. When an idea arises and a concept follows, I try to anticipate ways to use them in order to find efficient interactions while staying inventive. Inventive yet pragramatic! The conception phase could be described with one single word: balance. Balance between creativity and relevance.

« Explain »

Imagination is good. But a design needs to be backed up with solid arguments. In each project, I sum up the concept in a very simple way. 3 elements are crucial: the expression of targeted profits; customer’s advantage; and consistency of the final object with the order.

“Freelancer since 2011”


Project manager & Designer

Synerg’hetic (Paris)

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Junior art director & Designer

Hortis (Geneva)

showreel realized by myself during my internship

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APRIL 2012 TO JULY 2012

Videomaker & Designer

Caravan Productions (Geneva)

showreel realized by myself during my internship

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