UX/UI Design - Product - Front-end development

Experiencing iteration process, pivoting and multi-tasking

I have been working on TURF (San Francisco) for the past four months. TURF is the product of an important pivot; moving from an educational service (ClassOwl) to a mass market app. TURF is the home for all of your social events between friends, co-workers, clubs, venues etc... As the designer, I learnt a lot about iterative process by mockuping different UXs in order to build an efficient and simple product that could be used by customers and businesses simultaneously.

The app will be available on Android and iOS by the end of April.

My role was ensuring the developers had everything they needed to implement the mockups. I was also managing some product projects like this landing page and promotionnal video. Coming from a multidisciplinary school is always a plus as a designer because I am able to design, code front-end, strategize marketing ideas and shoot/edit videos. Oh and by the way, I also produced the music in the videos.

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